Canberra – a perfectly planned world metropolis

Canberra is the Australian capital and headquarters of the Australian Government, but instead of administrative centers, it abounds in natural beauty, parks and galleries. The appearance of the city is due to the married couple architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin. They were inspired by the “gardening movement” and included in their design for the city the artificial lake Burley Griffin around which many areas of natural vegetation and some of the city’s most important cultural features are located.

Lake Burley Griffin is the “heart of Canberra” and a favorite spot for the local people, but also for tourists who enjoy walks, picnics, canoeing, rowing, fishing and many other water activities here. It is especially attractive for tourists to cross the lake into a large hot air balloon. Captain Cook’s monument and the statue of the planet earth, which symbolizes its legendary maritime travels, give it an additional charm of the lake. Around the Burley Griffin are located National Gallery, National Library and National Museum, places that are required for tourists.

The National Gallery is the most representative Australian art object. It has 13 different showrooms featuring about 7500,000 Australian, Aboriginal and Asian works of art, drawings, sketches, sculptures, films, photographs, ceramics and costumes.

The National Library is built in the style of a Greek temple and its lavish façade is complemented by marble decoration and impressive pillars in its interior. The library is home to the most important books, historical documents, manuscripts, music and sketches.

The National Museum has an outer appearance inspired by puzzles and it only emphasizes its idea to combine in a complete picture the many different myths, legends and stories about the creation of Australia and the Australian people.

Escape the Reality! (at least the modern part of it)

Escape the Reality! (at least the modern part of it)



Canberra offers many places to escape from urban life. The National Arboretum is an impressive mosaic of natural beauties. It extends to an area of ​​250 hectares and has 100 gardens and 100 forests with rare and symbolic trees from around the world. The Arboretum also houses the Australian National Collection of Bonsai Trees. Another mini paradise is the National Botanical Garden, which abounds with samples from the authentic Australian fauna. For children, interesting destinations are the National Museum of Dinosaurs and the Canberra reptile zoo. The National Parks in Canberra is an incredible experience, and it’s especially worth a visit to the Tinibila Nature Reserve, located 40 minutes away from the city and offering close encounters with kangaroos, emus and cockatoos, as well as the Namadgi National Park featuring excellent pedestrian and bicycle paths.

If you still want to experience the city charm and socialize with local residents, you can do it every week from 10 am to 4 pm at the Old Bus Depot Market, where you will receive free samples of food, coffee, a wide range of organic groceries, homemade products and souvenirs.

Canberra is a city that will surprise you with its warmth, with the remarkable blend of urban culture and natural beauty as well as the kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants. In addition, Canberra is an extremely safe city and has the lowest crime rates across Australia.