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Vocational program or Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs may be one of the most requested options by students, because:

  • VET gives you hands-on skills in a practical way, preparing you for a specific profession;
  • VET programs are responsive to industry needs;
  • VET programs might be a bridge to access university studies;
  • Depending on the course, duration, institution and location that have been chosen, VET programs fees can range from AUD$4000 to AUD$22,000 per course;
  • VET programs can be paid for instalments, even monthly instalments are an option.

The specificity of the VET program is that these programs are created in a way that will offer a high degree of practical knowledge that will prepare the students for a specific profession. VET programs are offered by Technical and Further Education Institutions (TAFE) and private colleges.  These types of programs and courses can also be provided by some universities in Australia on top of their higher education programs. However, the difference between VET and Higher education courses is that the former focuses on practical and skills related to specific occupations. In contrast, the latter is more inclined toward theory-based knowledge.

Nearly 220,000 international students have decided to enhance their knowledge, qualifications and skills through VET courses. More than 60% of students reported enhancement in their employment status after completion of VET training.

I just want that DIPLOMA!

If you plan to pursue a career in a specific industry or sector, then enrolling in a VET program or course is the right choice. Of course, VET is also applicable for candidates who have earned a Bachelor degree or other degree from a higher education institution. Consequently, future candidates can decide to apply for a VET course related to the fields of business, building and construction, hospitality and tourism, marketing, sport, arts, as well as many more.

The manner in which the Vocational qualifications are structured and recognized under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) offers the possibility for credit transfer and adaptable learning opportunities. Consequently, the type of qualifications can differ according to the duration as well as the career path and VET institutions may provide international students with the opportunity to study for Certificates, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Vocational Graduate Certificate.

Students have the opportunity to choose between Certificates I to IV, which can last anywhere from six months up to 18 months. Diploma usually requires full-time studies between one to two years and after completion, students are ready for an industry or enterprise related career. Students enrolling for an Advance Diploma, dedicate 24 to 36 months to obtain advanced skills and practical knowledge which enables them to work a paraprofessional work in the selected area. The Vocational Graduate Certificate/Diploma may correspond to a certificate or diploma earned from a higher education institution and this type of VET program focuses on the delivery of high-level skills and knowledge needed for employment.

The number of international students accepted at some of the VET programs in Australia is constantly increasing. The reason for the popularity of VET is that being part of a Vocational program provides a variety of benefits for the students, some of which are:

  • VET teaching staff have actual experience in their fields of expertise, so the real value to this programs is the possibility to learn directly from professionals who already been there and done that;
  • The chance to increase your theoretical knowledge and practical experience through in-class and on-sight learning. You will get priceless industry experience in a genuine work environment;
  • After course completion students are ready to seek a career in the field of choice;
  • The specific regulatory framework developed for the educational industry ensures that courses are kept up to date and that students learn following the latest developments within the particular area;
  • Lower tuition fees compared to pursuing a degree in higher education.

Vocational Education is the education of choice for individuals that:

  • Want to gain knowledge and experience in a specific industry
  • Becomes part of the workforce
  • Continue its professional development in another industry or sector.
  • Enhance existing skills in the current industry

Which one should I choose?

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In this country of opportunities, choose an interesting course that will help you broaden your life’s horizons and opportunities:

  • Accounting, Management, Administration;
  • Graphic design, Photography, Marketing;
  • Sport and Fitness;
  • Commercial Cookery
  • Community Service, Individual Care, Child Care and Education
  • Digital Information and Technology
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Events
  • Beauty and Massage and many more

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