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Are you using Wi-Fi to read this article? If you do, you are using one of the many inventions of the Australian scientists and researchers.

The quality of the Australian educational system is supported by the fact that there are more than a dozen Nobel laureates coming from Australia, who won the Nobel prize in medicine, peace, literature, physics and many other fields. Additionally, the Australian educational system has shaped the future and educated a number of well-known scientists, doctors, economists and people from different professions. 

The higher education system in Australia is highly appreciated by domestic as well as international students which is evident from the increasing number of international students during the last couple of years. There are more than 350,000 international students enrolled at higher education institutions across Australia. Accordingly, there is a vast number of accredited Universities in Australia that can accommodate the increased demand for higher education services while offering high-quality education to its students.

Along with universities, many other institutions offer higher education courses.

The employers widely recognize the quality of higher education in Australia for more than 70% of Bachelor’s degree graduates are employed within four months after they obtain their degree. Accordingly, the estimated starting salary for graduates is estimated to be an average of around AU$ 58,000 with the potential to increase to nearly AU$ 73,000 in a couple of years. Another interesting figure is that the graduate unemployment rate in Australia is slightly above 3 percent.

The future candidates can select to continue their studies at some of the public or privately held universities and choose among a vast number of programs and courses from different fields of study. You can decide to focus your personal growth in the field of business and management, engineering, information technology, economics, agriculture, medicine and many more. Hence, the variety of opportunities offered by different institutions means that regardless of the interest, potential candidates will be able to find an adequate program that will fit their preferences and future plans.

What are my options?


Potential students have the opportunity to enrol in three types of studies through which they can obtain a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degrees. Some of the most popular degrees are accounting, dentistry, law, arts and design, computer science and environmental science. Although students should decide on their major to obtain a Bachelor degree, they also have the option to select a minor field of studies which additionally augments their knowledge and qualifications. The higher education system in Australia favours an ambition where some universities provide the possibility for students to enrol in a double degree and major in two different fields of studies. The Bachelor degree programs are commonly three years and students can decide to take a fourth year which is normally referred to as “honours”. The length of the master’s degree programs depends on the field of studies and can last from one to two years.

Australian higher education providers usually have two intakes, Semester 1 starting February/March and Semester 2 starting July/August. There are also some higher education providers having one more intake in October/November. The English language requirements and the minimum Academic requirements students will need to meet vary depending on the level of the qualification and the field of study. For example, the English language requirements are usually higher for programs in the Health field and the field of Education. 

There are many reasons as to why so many international candidates chose to continue their personal and professional development at the well-appreciated Australian tertiary education institutions. The Australian education system enjoys global recognition as a system that develops highly skilled and educated graduates which is due to the high standards enforced by the government and the institutions themselves. It is a highly diversified educational system offering a plethora of courses and degrees aimed at satisfying the personal needs of future students.

The educational system is developed in a way that stimulates student interaction and involvement during lectures which develop the ability for critical thinking and in-depth understanding of the relevant topics. Moreover, the exams are structured in a way that will promote answers based on critical thinking instead of the need to memorize pages and pages of material.

International students widely accept the possibility to work while being an active student. Consequently, not only having the chance to improve their living standard, but even more importantly, they can gain a real-life practical experience which will enhance their professional development.

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