Perth-a modern paradise for gourmets and adventurers

Urban, authentic, exotic-Perth proudly carries the epithet of a gem of Western Australia. As its capital, it brings together the adventurous spirit and modern living. Pert is located between the Indian Ocean and the Swan River. It has warm summers, mild winters and just fewer than 2 million inhabitants that will surprise you with their relaxed and positive attitude towards life.

In Perth, you will enjoy delicious food seasoned with quality wines, peaceful family outings, walks along with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but also in activities designed for true admirers in adrenaline experiences. And all of this is at your “reach of hand” because of the seamlessly organized public transport made up of trains, buses, ferries.


The Crown of Perth

Start the day with the most authentic enjoyment Perth offers. In the west of the city is Kings Park which rises to the highest point of Perth and gives you a splendid panorama. More than two-thirds of the park is an almost untouched nature that contains more than 300 local plants and more than 80 bird species. Here you can make a pleasant family picnic with the inevitable Australian barbecue.

The modern spirit of the city

However, if you want a more intense and dynamic experience, visit Fremantle and Cottesloe Beach. The port city of Freemantle is located 20km downstream of Perth and is the center of many music events, festivals and cultural events, but also a place where you will find the finest restaurants and cafes. On the other hand, the Cottesloe is just a 15-minute drive away from Perth and will leave you breathless with white sand and crystal blue water in which you can swim, surf or dive.

Authentic escape in the past

But if you enjoy the mystical world of architecture and art, go to New Norcia or to York. The first is the only monastic city in Australia and abounds in beautiful architecture that blends European and Australian style. York, meanwhile, is located 100 kilometers east of Perth and is the most important historical city in Australia packed with museums, galleries and churches. In addition, York offers unforgettable riding horses and even parachute jumps.

Perth is as being created to satisfy all desires and tastes. It has been declared the second cleanest city in the world, it has a developed economy, a modern education system, and therefore it is not only a tourist destination but also a desirable place to live.