English program in Australia

There are 1.5 billion English-language learners worldwide.


Let us tell you exactly why as we go through them.

  1. English Opens New Career Opportunities – the global job market creates more career opportunities if you speak English.
  2. English Tests Can Get You Into the School of your dreams – a successful English test will show colleges and universities around the globe that you’re ready.
  3. English is the most-used language online – doesn’t matter if you want to chat, conduct research, advertise yourself or communicate and develop connections online, English will be crucial for success.
  4. English Makes Your Life More Entertaining – Yep, no books, music, blockbusters, Netflix, YouTube without English.
  5.  Learning English Can and Will Make You Smarter!
    Learning a new language changes your brain structure ( don’t be alarmed, it doe that in a good way)


Studying English in Australia is much more than learning words in a classroom.


Be sure that you’re getting the very finest English education (see English Australia)


English Courses Available

English courses in Australia are available for international students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the English language. International students can be assured that they learn English following the highest standards irrespective of the selected English program or courses. Accordingly, the English education for international students is implemented under the national support framework with established national and quality agencies such as the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Different institutions offer the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students or ELICOS and students can choose the institution which best suits their needs and plans. Students can take an English course with TAFE institutions, private colleges, universities, specialised language centers, etc.

Recognising the diversity in the personal preferences and needs of international students, the educational institutions in Australia have developed a diversified range of English program courses and training opportunities. Hence, you can decide to augment your English knowledge and skills by enrolling at courses such as:

  • General English;
  • English for Academic Purposes;
  • English for Specific Purposes;
  • English for secondary school;
  • Examination Preparation;
  • Preparation courses for IELTS or TOEFL;
  • English of Teaching;
  • Study Tours.

Apart from the purpose of the study, the available programs and courses also differ in terms of their length and cost. Consequently, they can last on average, anywhere from four weeks up to 48 and can cost from AU$ 160 and up per week. The cost largely depends on factors such as the type of English course, the institution, duration, the educational agent you’ve chosen to enrol through, etc., so potential students can contact us on hello@australiancorner.com for specific information regarding their plans to take English courses. It should be noted that the number of English language students in Australia is in constant growth and there are nearly 180,000 students enrolled at some type of English program or course.

Overseas candidates coming to Australia with a student visa to pursue an ELICOS related program should be enrolled in a full-time study. Potential candidates have the opportunity to be tested to determine their English proficiency and accordingly select the most suitable program. Finishing the right English program will help you in your personal development and can boost your educational and career paths. If you want to study in Australia, you may need to take an English proficiency test which is acceptable for the Australian Student Visa Application. The tests which assess your English knowledge and at the same time are adequate for the visa process are TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), Pearson Test of English (PTE), Occupational English Test (OET). The type of test you take will depend on the personal preferences and your needs. Additionally, these tests are helpful for students because they can aid the process of selecting the right program for their studies.

Don’t wander, just ask for info on hello@australiancorner.com and get ready for a life-changing experience!